Old Ones with Watercolors

Hi Friends,

It’s been long since any post, so I thought of sharing my old paintings.

Vikram Betal (mythology): For those who know this very old TV serial…I like the glimpse of the actor ‘Arun Govil’ in this painting, reminds me of those good old days.


Going to School: found a small photo of this man and kid in old newspaper, created trees, water…in fact the atmosphere, I like the overall feeling.


Boldness with Innocence: tried to be bold with colors to capture the innocence of the animal.


Never Say Die: was inspired by the sheer determination and hard work of this athlete despite no legs in Olympic.


Water Splash: found an interesting photo on net and tried to convert in watercolor, I like its water splashes.

Note: For below 2 paintings, was unable to get photographer’s info to get permission..anyway, no intention to sale.


Atmospheric Calmness: source photo is from net, I like this atmosphere too much, exudes so much calmness, credit goes to the photographer.


Below are my very old sketches.

Great Cricketer: who doesn’t know him whoever knows cricket?


India Shapers: Gandhiji and nehruji.


Great Indian singer: Mohammad Rafi.


Hope you like it, let me know your favorite if any.

Happy Watercolors,



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