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New Ones with Watercolors

Hi Friends,

After old ones it’s time to share the new ones, hence this post (also to compensate the long gaps in earlier posts).

No Worries: Baby elephant.


Flowing to Home: child enjoying cycling.


Rest is Over: I like its mystic environment.


Early to Rise: lovely bird.


Why have Arrogance: most helpful animal to the mankind.


Light after Rain: first time used Fabriano Artistico paper, enjoyed. Atmosphere looks lovely to me.


Ria (daughter)-Style: love the expression captured.


Ria -Smile: I love the smile.


Hope you like it, let me know your favorite if any.

Happy Watercolors,



Peace of Mind with Watercolors

Hello Friends,

This time I want to share a painting which was created without any reference.

As you know how much I love watercolors, I tried to experiment in this painting.

I wanted to show a peaceful mind with no complexities of the world, but just with whatever in mind without any physical reference.

So here’s my attempt.


It is a saint in meditation with beard in blue (yes, colors have no logic sometimes), and there is a bird sitting on his shoulder watching him interestingly (this bird came up when I was playing with water and watercolors at the end)

Let me know how you feel with this, critiques are also welcome :).

Happy watercolors, bye.