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Cropped Old Ones

Hi Friends,

Sharing some of the old paintings which I cropped recently to get better look.

The King:


Unaware of the World:






Skating Stunts:




Let me know if you find any of them good.

Happy watercolors,



Congratulations with Watercolors

Hello Friends,

Recently I’ve been blessed with a little angel and am so excited about her (yes, you can say congratulations to me 🙂 ).

As watercolors never cease to excite me, I am here sharing with you an earlier painting I made to praise the beauty and excitement of babies.

Though I painted it before she was born (using some other baby’s snap), it matches strikingly to her 🙂 (and that’s why sharing here). While painting I tried NOT to make much experiments, as the real beauty in itself was so impressing. 

I’m so amazed by their naive excitement, the sparks in the eyes (which unfortunately we tend to forget when we grow up). And here is what I tried:

IMG018 - Copy

Let me know how you feel.

Happy watercolors, bye.

Experimentation with Watercolors

Hello Friends,

I want to share with you a painting which was created without any preparation in mind.

As watercolors always amaze me, I tried to play with colors in this painting.

I had nothing on my mind I just threw colors on paper with different angles and waited what could come up with this. When I saw that some flowers can come up, instead of showing bouquet of flowers I decided to show something different. So at the and it was a beautiful girl with ‘flowered’ hair (though in the result I like girl face more than her hair).

So here’s my result.


Let me know if it is likeable. 🙂

Happy watercolors, bye.

Peace of Mind with Watercolors

Hello Friends,

This time I want to share a painting which was created without any reference.

As you know how much I love watercolors, I tried to experiment in this painting.

I wanted to show a peaceful mind with no complexities of the world, but just with whatever in mind without any physical reference.

So here’s my attempt.


It is a saint in meditation with beard in blue (yes, colors have no logic sometimes), and there is a bird sitting on his shoulder watching him interestingly (this bird came up when I was playing with water and watercolors at the end)

Let me know how you feel with this, critiques are also welcome :).

Happy watercolors, bye.

My First Post with Latest Painting

Hello Friends,

This is my first post (so you can forgive me for mistakes easily ;)).

I’m fascinated by the magic of watercolors.

For me it all started around few years back when I saw some marvelous watercolor paintings in a book. Ever since I couldn’t think of just leaving it, and decided to dig deeper in my leisure time (can’t afford to take it full-time :)). And I’m still learning.

So this is my latest painting, I tried to capture the cuteness of a sleeping dog (puppy).


Now I think it should be painting that should be talking rather than the text 🙂

Enjoy the painting if you like, let me also be interested in your feedback.

Happy watercolors, bye.