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Running With Watercolors

Hello Friends,

Today I’m going to share my latest sketches with watercolors. These were done rather quickly on sketch pad (meant for only light washes) to free up myself.

You Can Win:

This I like the most among all of them as it shows the flow and energy.


From Nearby Garden:


Drums and Trumpet:


On the Way:




Musical Concert:


Any favorites?

Happy Watercolors,



Old Ones with Watercolors

Hi Friends,

It’s been long since any post, so I thought of sharing my old paintings.

Vikram Betal (mythology): For those who know this very old TV serial…I like the glimpse of the actor ‘Arun Govil’ in this painting, reminds me of those good old days.


Going to School: found a small photo of this man and kid in old newspaper, created trees, water…in fact the atmosphere, I like the overall feeling.


Boldness with Innocence: tried to be bold with colors to capture the innocence of the animal.


Never Say Die: was inspired by the sheer determination and hard work of this athlete despite no legs in Olympic.


Water Splash: found an interesting photo on net and tried to convert in watercolor, I like its water splashes.

Note: For below 2 paintings, was unable to get photographer’s info to get permission..anyway, no intention to sale.


Atmospheric Calmness: source photo is from net, I like this atmosphere too much, exudes so much calmness, credit goes to the photographer.


Below are my very old sketches.

Great Cricketer: who doesn’t know him whoever knows cricket?


India Shapers: Gandhiji and nehruji.


Great Indian singer: Mohammad Rafi.


Hope you like it, let me know your favorite if any.

Happy Watercolors,