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My Daughter in Watercolors

Hello Friends,

As I mentioned in my last post about my little angel, I tried to paint her in watercolors recently.

As you know how much I admire the beauty of babies and watercolors, I attempted to mix the two.

IMG269-1_This is the first painting of my daughter. I tried to capture the cuteness of her while she was sleeping and put on paper with few colors. 🙂

You can share how you feel about this.

Happy watercolors, bye.


My First Post with Latest Painting

Hello Friends,

This is my first post (so you can forgive me for mistakes easily ;)).

I’m fascinated by the magic of watercolors.

For me it all started around few years back when I saw some marvelous watercolor paintings in a book. Ever since I couldn’t think of just leaving it, and decided to dig deeper in my leisure time (can’t afford to take it full-time :)). And I’m still learning.

So this is my latest painting, I tried to capture the cuteness of a sleeping dog (puppy).


Now I think it should be painting that should be talking rather than the text 🙂

Enjoy the painting if you like, let me also be interested in your feedback.

Happy watercolors, bye.